BCA Projects

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  1. I - Farm
  2. Advanced Public Transportation System APTS/ Intelligent Transport System
  3. Multipoint Wireless Data Acquisition System for Smart Vehicle
  4. Car to Car Communication based on GPS and WI-FI
  5. Implementation OF Real Time Passenger Information System Using GPRS (RTPIS)
  6. Advanced Rural Transportation Systems (ARTS)
  7. Advanced Vehicle Control Systems (AVCS)
  8. Controlling applications with hand gestures using sixth sense prototype / wear your world using sixth sense technology
  9. IPTV
  10. Attendance Management
  11. Online Telephone Billing
  12. Career Mart
  13. Issue Tracker
  14. Warehouse Management System
  15. Mobile Banking
  16. Service Level Agreements
  17. Fast Data Retrieval Form Large RDMS
  18. A Signature Based Indexing
  19. Erfx (Electronic Request For X)
  20. Micro-Blogging Enabled Social Network Site
  21. Realtors Portal
  22. Office Automation
  23. Student Counseling And Management System
  24. E-Restaurant
  25. E Mortgage
  26. Result intimation system
  27. Credit Card Approval &Monitoring System
  28. Online Courses
  29. Social Network
  30. Civil Registry
  31. Bug Detector
  32. Budget Planner
  33. Crop Management System
  34. Advertisement Management System
  35. Tourism Management System
  36. Real Estate Management System
  37. Online Help Desk
  38. Bug and Component System
  39. Material Management and Information System
  40. E – Learning System
  41. Internet Banking
  42. Auto medical System
  43. Net Banking System
  44. Online Education Monitoring
  45. Bug Tracker
  46. Vehicle Identity Management
  47. Metro Smart Card System
  48. Resume Builder
  49. Lending Tree
  50. Smart Kitchen Inventory