Arduino Projects

Arduino Projects

Arduino Projects

Arduino is an open source microcontroller platform has been very popular and lucrative option for students to design their innovative projects.By using this platform students can easily realize their ideas and concepts.these includes Robotics,Home automation projects,Health monitoring using medical sensors,Industrial automation,IOT based projects,Image processing,security applications.Agriculture automation like greenhouse monitoring,water power monitoring and list goes on…
We at Asictron Control System ,Chennai, the best training and projects development institute helps all the final year Engineering students ECE,CSE,Medical electronics,Mechanical engineering, EEE(electrical), MCA, Mtech students to build the best projects for their academic requirements.we have very extensive list of projects in various domains.we can meet all the requirements that includes Arduino UNO robot projects,Arduino UNO projects for beginners, for final year projects.Arduino based mini projects,Arduino advanced projects.Engineering students can develop multiple IOT projects. List of in different domains please follow the link for more details.

List of Arduino based projects using ESP 8266 wifi Arduino,Arduino Uno board for engineering students of ECE,CSE

  1. ESP8266
  2. Arduino uno iot ece projects
  3. Arduino IOT projects.
  4. Arduino based Mini projects.
  5. Raspberry pi
  6. Arduino wifi esp8266.
  7. Internet of things
  8. Arduino wifi projects
  9. using sensors for medical electronics.
  10. using sensors for Industrial automation.
  11. RFID based projects using Arduino.
  12. Arduino based Robot projects
  13. Arduino Uno based projects for beginners.


  1. Smart Car robotic Kit for Arduino with Uno R3, Obstacle Avoiding, Line Tracing and Light Seeking-Black
  2. IOT BASED Smart power monitoring system(solar panel)
  3.  Raspberry Pi based Smart Environmental Monitoring using IOT.
  4. IOT DOOR BELL using Raspberry Pi.
  5. Arduino Solar Tracker using LDR and Servo Motor
  6. Arduino Android based Robotic Arm
  7. IOT based SMART HOME security system.
  9. Driving Parameters Analysis System
  10. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System
Arduino uno iot ece projects.
  1. Arduino based Voice controlled Home automation using Amazon Alexa .
  2. Temperature and Humidity Sensor Data to AWS - IoT .
  3. Web Controlled Home Automation using Arduino ESP 8266.
  4. DIY Web Controlled Surveillance Robotic Car.
  5. Weather Station: Monitoring Humidity, Temperature and Pressure over the Internet using ESP 8266.
  6. RFID and Arduino-Based Attendance System.
  7. Smart parking system
  8. Air quality monitoring project.
  9. Home automation project for auto control of home lights,garden,Curtains,Security.
  10. Industrial automation.
  11. Cat feeder using IOT.
  12. IOT gateway.
  13. IoT Based Electricity Energy Meter using ESP12 and Arduino.
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Raspberry pi based
Top 20 Connected IOT Projects for ECE,CSE 2018 that can transform our experience in the tech world. IoT Devices are increasingly smarter and more intelligent to fulfill the challenges of the day today requirement. Consumer products like home automation, wearable devices for athletics, factory automation, smart city applications, and health care products are the need of the hour. This year products with voice integration are becoming popular, and IOT products announced support for AMAZON and Google assistant and companies are adding AI features into their smart devices, as these devices eventually will learn the various patterns to perform various tasks on their own. Projects that is applicable for the internet of things final year project .
  1. Intelligent bicycle with IOT . This bike will have multiple features like GPS navigation,geolocation,anti-theft features,fully automated smart head lights with light and dark sensors for auto on/off,Android app for settings and controls.
  2. IOT lamp for elderly assistance. This lamp shall have motion detectors to help the elders who get up in the middle of the night, auto on off of light, auto notification features are added in case of fall and more frequent visits to the bathroom. This device is very useful for care takers to monitor the elders.
  3. IOT Voice based Smart Ceiling Fan Switch. The intelligent switch functions with voice commands on Amazon Alexa,Google assistant,this Wi-fi enabled fan controller allows the user to adjust fan’s speed and light with voice commands.This project is very useful for patients with least movements,eldery persons for easy operation.
  4. IOT Remote bell. This is a smart remote bell that allows the user to answer their doors; this is having features like they can answer even if they are not home,it has built in motion sensor that detects the movement,it streams live video to user’s phones.Using the android app, we can communicate 2 way of answering the doors.
  5. IOT based Smart lock. Very use the full device, by using a smartphone they can pair via Bluetooth for locking and unlocking their access can be achieved with password/finger print. This device can be integrated with home automation solutions.
  6. IOT Smart Mirror. The smart mirror is a concept to help the consumers to take advantage of their available time in updating themselves about the traffic,weather,current news,they even can shop,thatmeans that while you are on make up.IOT smart mirror is embedded with ALEXA to receive the voice commands to perform the tasks.
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Arduino IOT projects
  1. Applications in agriculture. Due to population growth and demand for resources are growing rapidly, water shortage is a major threat to agriculture. Growing Population and limited resources put pressure on farmers to produce more with less. Farmers must contend with increasing water shortages, limited land availability, and unstable costs,this project enables innovative smart farming solutions to help farmers overcome these challenges. These agriculture IoT projects allow farmers to leverage sensors, smart gateways, and monitoring systems to collect and analyze information and make more informed decisions in Crop and livestock marketing.
    • Develop a data-driven approach to farming As the world’s population increases, there is a greater demand for food and a surge in development. With a decrease in the amount of land available for farm use and an ever-growing concern about water resources, farmers need to be smart about their crop and livestock management if they want to reduce waste and cut overall costs. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible for farmers/growers to optimize their crop yields and promote livestock health through remote monitoring and data-driven decision making.
    • Support livestock health through real-time monitoring. With the support of IOT technology, we can design a solution for monitoring the health of the live stock,which is a major concern for farmers as they lose a large amount of profit due to animal illness. Connected sensors in the animals wearable’s collect the data like heartrate,blood pressure,temperature,digestion, etc.,data streamed to the cloud helps the farmers to analyze and take a precautionary measure to control certain diseases. IOT solutions are very helpful for the farmers to track the animal location and also monitor the reproductive cycles for safe and successful outcomes.
    • IOT based smarter water management. While there are many factors that impact the health and quality of the harvest, water is perhaps one of the most vibrant. Irrigation management plays an important role in ensuring that crops are getting the right amount of water at the right time. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it easier for planters to monitor and control water resources to meet demand while also reducing waste and cutting operational costs.
    • Control water resources to meet the demand. Using IOT technology we can effectively control water wastage and plan the water requirement for the crops and collect the real time water usage data through remote sensing which further helps to make smarter decisions. Trigger actions based on sensor data to switch water on and off, depending on irrigation needs and level of resources. Use insights gathered from data to prevent misuse and underutilization of water resources. Quickly detect leaks and faults in pipelines to address issues immediately and reduce water waste. Enhance the efficiency of your crop yields. Smart irrigation helps growers improve the efficiency and consistency of their yield by enabling smarter water management: Stay on top of changing conditions across agricultural environments by tracking temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind with smart sensors. Remotely measure and monitor water moisture levels in the soil to ensure that crops are getting optimal water resources. Automatically trigger sprinkler systems to address low moisture levels in the soil to prevent crop damage or loss. Capture valuable data to indicate trends and make forecasts based on a variety of conditions to meet crop demands.
  2. IoT Applications for Automotive & Transport.
    1. Fleet management services. Fleet management, you can get real-time data about vehicle operation to:
      • Optimize routes and increase productivity.
      • Regulate fuel costs.
      • Lower operational expenses.
      • Improve driver safety.
      • Increase fleet security.
      • Remotely diagnose maintenance requirements.
      • Improve the customer experience Rental car organizations use vehicle telematics to provide good customer service and emergency services. Insurance companies can use data to analyze to check the driving patterns, monitor safe driving and plan the car insurance premiums based on the good driving behavior. car companies use the telematics data for remote diagnostics, remote monitoring, safety services which help to provide better customer service and build a good relationship with customers.
  3. IoT projects/solutions for smarter energy consumption and management.
    1. Smart metering IOT solutions.
      • Increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
      • Smart metering is one of the key features in the smart grid that helps to reduce energy consumption and environmental collecting and uploading the real time data of energy usage which will help the service providers to optimize energy distribution while also facilitates the consumers to smarter decisions about the energy usage.with robost IOT solution, we can improve the better customer service.
      • With smart metering solutions, consumers and the distribution company will have access to rich,real time data which enables both customers and vendors to provide better service by reducing the cost
      • Manage manual operations remotely to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.
      • Use real-time data to effectively balance electric loads and reduce power outages.
      • Streamline energy distribution through more accurate forecasting.
      • Enable dynamic pricing by raising or lowering costs based on real-time demand.
      • Help consumers make better decisions about the usage of energy and to smarter decisions about the usage by using the IOT technology.timely Feedback can be provided to all the consumers about the energy consumption using the real time data that improves the transparency on monthly energy bills.
    2. IOT based Smart grid solutions.
        IOT based Smart grid solutions will help to meet growing demands for electricity across the world:
      • Key benefits include Optimized generation and distribution which helps suppliers to serve larger customers base.
      • Integration of renewable energy sources and flexible distribution systems, suppliers can optimize system operations and increase efficiency.
      • It lowering operational and maintenance costs, smart grid systems enable suppliers to pass cost savings onto the consumer, improve the user energy consumption and customer experience,
      • Delivering electricity more efficiently and cost-effectively to consumers by providing better control over their consumption.
    3. IOT Smart manufacturing industry 4.0. The Industrial Internet of Things is transforming manufacturing. With this concept, we can achieve complete functioning visibility to allow for real-time decision making and improved levels of quality and efficiency as well as new service prospects.
      • Enhance asset availability and performance. In the factory environment equipment or machine, downtime can be costly; consumers demand higher levels of machine reliability and performance. For manufacturers (OEMs), recurring equipment failure can also signal design flaws and potential safety issues. Industry 4.0 using IOT technology Predictive maintenance is changing the way that manufacturers provide field service by allowing them to use real-time device data and analytics to assess machine health and plan the corrective action.
      • A large amount of money can be saved by preventing unplanned downtime by adding sensors to machines/ equipment to monitor the health where some of the down time parameters can be predicted for servicing,Manufacurers can analyze the data and precautionary measures for keeping the uptime or any malfunctions of machines
      • Maximize the equipment uptime and schedule the maintenance by predictions using the data of the machine.Thus resource management would become easier by sending the technicians with the right kind of spares for repair.
      • Enhance the product quality and reliability to enhance customer satisfaction.
    4. IOT Supply chain management. Effective supply chain management is one of the critical areas to manage some sensitive goods which needed end-to-end visibility of raw materials and finished goods at all stages of production and delivery. The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will provide an accurate solution for the producers to optimize production and safeguard delivery to increase efficiency and enhance customer service.
      • IoT will help to take quick decisions based on the demands of the market and environmental conditions,planning the warehouse spaces
      • Monitor the health of raw materials and goods in transit and the securely acesss the inventory which helps to plan demand and supply.
      • Cold chains management using IOT helps to maintain perishable shipments to meet the customer requirement and industry regulations.
    5. IOT for Smart building management. To Improve building efficiency with IoT,It is necessary to adopt latest technologies for to improve the efficiency in managing the infrastructure,which helps to reduce the operating cost,improve the occupancy services,maintenance of the building.IOT solutions are very affordable, and it will make it easier to monitor from remote locations.
      IoT Applications for Smart Buildings.
      • Make surveillance simple.
      • IOT smart surveillance and security.
      • IOT based solution will help the building owners to manage and control surveillance devices remotely and make decisions for the best course of action
      • Collect and analyze data to make important improvements to security processes and systems.
      • Prevent loss of critical assets
      • Overall visibility over who enters and leaves a facility in real-time.
      • Consistently and securely monitor facility conditions from any location with Wi-Fi access. important security alerts will be sent right to their mobile phone.
    6. IOT facility management solutions. Industrial IoT use cases that will transform the world in the future. IOT Predictive maintenance for Industrial machines. Maintenance of industry machines is a big challenge and keeping the machines running will help the industry reach their production targets, and in turn, they increase their profits.with the use of IOT sensors,cameras and data generated by the sensors supervisors can determine the functionality of the machines and take necessary action for predictive maintenance.IOT enabled systems are programmed to raise the alarm and by using the data they can generate maintenance timelines before the problems occur.
      Major advantages of IOT based predictive maintenance.
      • It saves the huge cost in machine maintenance,quick assessment of machine current condition.
      • By streaming data from sensors and devices to quickly assess current status and recognize warning signs, deliver alerts and automatically trigger appropriate maintenance processes, IoT turns maintenance into a dynamic, rapid and automated task.
      • This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance because tasks are performed only when they are needed. The key is to get the right information at the right time. This will allow managers to know which equipment needs maintenance; maintenance work can be better planned, and systems remain online while workers stay on task. Other potential advantages include increased equipment lifetime, increased plant safety and fewer accidents with negative environmental impact.
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    IOT mini projects for CSE students,Arduino wifi projects.
    1. IOT Voice controlled Home automation using Amazon Alexa
    2. IOT Temperature and Humidity Sensor Data to AWS - IoT
    3. IOT Web Controlled Home Automation
    4. IOT DIY Web Controlled Raspberry Pi Surveillance Robotic Car.
    5. IOT Weather Station: Monitoring Humidity, Temperature and Pressure over the Internet.
    6. IOT based RFID and Raspberry Pi-Based Attendance System.
    7. IOT Smart parking system .
    8. Air quality monitoring project.
    9. Home automation project.
    10. Industrial automation.
    11. IOT -Raspberry pi based cat feeder using IOT.
    12. Raspberry Pi based IOT gateway.
    13. Wireless video surveillance Robot to control via web.
    14. Garage door automation using motors and sensors.
    15. Home security system using facial recognition system using Camera and Rpi.
    16. Smart doorbell using AZURE and windows 10 IOT.
    17. Power saving and Auto Intensity Control of home lights using Arduino.
    18. Design Self Balancing Robot using sensors and motors and Arduino.
    19. Automatic water dispenser using sensors and arduino kit.
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    Arduino based Smart Energy meter using ESP 8266 wi-fi module.
    Smart Electricity Energy meter designed using Arduino and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module which will have many features like web based electricity bill for the consumers and data analytics for energy conservation and planning.IOT technology offers multiple benefits in smart meter application. For this project we can integrate Android App for easy monitoring. To implement this project we used Arduino Uno,Node MCU,Current sensor and other peripherals.
    1. Automatic pet feeder using Arduino,IOT with Android APP for remote Access
      Arduino Android based Robotic Arm In this tutorial, we design an Arduino Uno Robotic Arm. Entire arm will be designed from some scrap material and servos. Entire process of construction has been explained in detail below. The arm has been built with cardboards and the individual parts have been locked to servo motors. Arduino Uno is programmed to control servo motors. Servos are serving as joints of Robotic arm here. This setup also looks as a Robotic Crane or we can convert it into a Crane by some easy tweaks. This Arduino Robotic Arm can be controlled by four Potentiometer attached to it, each potentiometer is used to control each servo. You can move these servos by rotating the pots to pick some object, with some practice you can easily pick and move the object from one place to another. We have used low torque servos here but you can use more powerful servos to pick heavy object.
      Components list:
      • Arduino Uno
      • 1000uF Capacitor (4 pieces)
      • 100nF Capacitor (4 pieces)
      • Servo Motor (SG 90- four pieces)
      • 10K pot- Variable Resistor (4 pieces)
      • Power Supply (5v- preferably two)

    2. Smart Car robotic Kit for Arduino with Uno R3, Obstacle Avoiding, Line Tracing and Light Seeking-Black.

      A robotic kit based on the Arduino. The Arduino UNO R3 board is used as control system, a step-down DC-DC converter module to reduce input voltage and a motor driver module with L298N. More importantly, a sensor shield is used for obstacle detection, line detecting, light seeking, so With the sample sketches provided, you can make the car move forward/backward and turn left/right, follow a line, seek light and avoid obstacles. Autonomous race car using Arduino uno Construct an autonomous driving robot car using an RC toy car. An Arduino UNO board (plus a motor driver board) and gave it an ultrasonic distance measuring module for detecting obstacles on the path.
      Components list
      • Toy car
      • Arduino Uno
      • Motor driver board (2 channel)
      • Ultrasonic sensor distance measuring module
      • PCB board for circuit assembly.

    3. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System

      Air and sound pollution is a creating issue nowadays. Here we propose an air quality and furthermore stable sullying watching system that licenses us to screen and check live air quality and what's more stable tainting in a particular zones through IOT. Structure uses air sensors to distinguish proximity of frightful gasses/blends perceptible all around and constantly transmit this data to microcontroller. The sensors team up with microcontroller which shapes this data and transmits it over web. If system recognizes air quality and confusion issues it alerts experts so they can take measures to control the issue. Air and sound pollution is a growing issue these days. It is necessary to monitor air quality and keep it under control for a better future and healthy living for all. Here we propose an air quality as well as sound pollution monitoring system that allows us to monitor and check live air quality as well as sound pollution in a particular areas through IOT. System uses air sensors to sense presence of harmful gases/compounds in the air and constantly transmit this data to microcontroller. Also system keeps measuring sound level and reports it to the online server over IOT.
      Component list
      • Temperture Sensors
      • Sound Sensors
      • Node MCU
      • Wifi Modem
      • LCD Display
      • Humidity sensor
      • GAS sensor
      • Arduino IDE
      • MC Programming Language: C
      • IoT(Things Speak/Osmosis/Ubidots)

    4. IOT DOOR BELL using Raspberry Pi.
      The main objective is to build the door bell using the IOT technologies so that we can explore the advantage of the Internet of things technology and its features,In this project we are proposing to build an IoT doorbell using Raspberry Pi with the help of the AWS IoT platform. Once the visitor pressed the doorbell, it will publish and an alert will be sent using the AWS SNS service by Email or SMS, so I know someone is knocking my door, no matter where I am. Visitors no longer need to call me and simply let the IoT doorbell to do the job, deafness people also benefit using it so they can alert from the vibration of their phone. We can also add USB webcam so our IoT doorbell will take a picture of visitor, upload it using FTP (or you can use the AWS service for storing the image) and attach the link in the email or SMS message sent. If you want, you can add voice/video call capability on Raspberry Pi so you can talk to your visitor over the phone, or you can add sensor to get alerted when someone tries to break into your house. It can also interact with the other IoT appliance inside the home to pretend someone is here!
      Components list
      • Raspberry Pi 3
      • Usb Webcam.
      • Software:Amazon web services(AWS IOT)

    5. Raspberry Pi based Smart Environmental Monitoring using IOT.

      The goal is to build a small and easy to use device to monitor temperature, humidity, noise levels, luminosity and atmospheric pressure. The idea is to have multiple devices spread across the city to send environmental data to the AWS IoT platform for processing and analysis. With this real time data , new public services could be offered, for example:
      • Trigger alarms in case of dangerous measurements detected
      • Finding out the least polluted places in the city at a given time: parks, squares or any public outdoors places.
      • Find out high polluted places to avoid
      • Find out the measurements from the nearest monitoring device

    6. IOT Smart city –street light monitoring system.

    7. IOT BASED Smart power monitoring system(solar panel)


      • Up-to-date medication and allergy lists
      • Latest home health readings (such as blood pressure, blood glucose,)
      • Your health history : HealthVault not only helps you store, organize, but also give this information to Concerned doctor.

    9. Driving Parameters Analysis System
      In view of the accidents due to the negligence of the driver, a precautionary monitoring system needs to be established. So we are proposing this system 'Driving Parameters Analysis System' is put forth to facilitate the hassle-free transportation and the care that has to be perceived by every driver. By using Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, this system is deployed to analyse the driving skills of a person for application in many spheres. As a result, accidents occurring due to negligence of the driver can reduce in number since an overall precautionary system is established through continual monitoring of this proposed system. Urban areas in specific to Metropolitan and Smart Cities