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Embedded Projects ECE

Top 2018 IEEE Embedded Projects ECE,  mini IEEE Embedded Based Projects for ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) B.Tech and M.Tech students. Asictron offers wide range of ECE Embedded projects best for final year ECE students looking for magnificent embedded project at cheap cost. We have delivered sucessfull embedded projects to our B.Tech and M.Tech students approved with IEEE projects standards. Our programs are specially designed by ECE experties for best results of Embedded projects for ECE final year students.

Asictron offers Embedded Robotics Projects for final year ECE students, IOT Projects for final year ECE students, Embedded Raspberry PI Projects for final year B.Tech and M.Tech students, IEEE Embedded Automotive Projects for enginerring students, Biomedical Mini Embedded Projects for final year students, IEEE Biometric Projects for final year ECE students, Embeeded Security based Projects for final year students, IEEE Embedded based GSM/GPS/GPRS mini Projects for final year students, Wireless (Bluetooth / Zigbee) IEEE Projects for final year students, IEEE CAN / FLEXRAY Embedded ECE Projects. Our every project differ from other Embedded Projects ECE and try to solve real life modern day problems. Every ECE Embedded project is designed to make clear understanding of the concept and execute that embedded engineering concept to make a better world.

Get full Robotics Projects Ideas.

2017 IEEE Robotics Projects

Robotics Projects (ECE)

2018/2019 IEEE robotics projects list based on embedded system for mtech / MS / be / btech / mca / M.sc students in chennai. We follow complete 2018 IEEE guidelines in every robotics projects for engineering students to deliver...
2017 IEEE IOT Projects

IEEE Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT Project List / Internet of things Project list The number of things connected to the Internet and it is rapidly growing at the rate of 30 percent from this year to next, for a total of 4.9 billion, according to a new report...
Embedded Raspberry PI Projects

Raspberry PI Projects

Raspberry pi 3 Projects Best and Raspberry pi 3 projects For Learning IoT and other projects for ECE ,CSE students, Engineering students,beginners,in short it is also called pi projects. The Raspberry Pi is a great platform for...
Automotive Projects

Automotive Projects

This Project proposes a vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocol for cooperative collision warning. Emerging wireless technologies for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to-roadside (V2R) communications such as DSRC (Dedicated Short...
Embedded Biomedical Projects

Biomedical Projects

2018/2019 IEEE Biomedical project list on embedded based for M.Tech / MS / BE / B.Tech / Diploma / M.Sc students in Chennai
Embedded Biometric Projects

Biometric Projects

2018 IEEE Biometric project list on embedded for M.Tech / MS / BE / MCA / M.Sc / B.Tech students in Chennai.
Embedded Security Projects

Security Projects

2018 IEEE embedded security based project list for M.Tech / MS / BE / B.Tech / MCA / M.Sc students in Chennai

Arduino Projects

Arduino Projects Arduino is an open source microcontroller platform has been very popular and lucrative option for students to design their innovative projects.By using this platform students can easily realize their ideas and concepts....
Eco Friendly Projects

Eco Friendly Projects

2018 IEEE ecofriendly project list on embedded based for mtech / MS / BE / B.Tech / MCA / M.sc students in Chennai
Wireless (Bluetooth / Zigbee) Projects

Wireless (Bluetooth / Zigbee)

2018-2019 IEEE wireless project list on embedded system based for mtech / MS / B.Tech / diploma / M.sc/ BE students in Chennai


Embedded CAN / FLEXRAY Projects

CAN / FLEXRAY Projects

2018-2019 IEEE can / flexray project list on embedded based for mtech / MS / BE / B.Tech / MCA / M.sc /M.Tech students in Chennai

ATMs - Made with Java SE Embedded System

  • ATMs

  • Parking Meters

  • POS Systems

  • Lottery/Gaming Systems

  • Multi Function Printers

  • Intelligent Power Module

  • Netbooks

  • Routers & Switches

  • Storage Appliances

  • Network Management Systems

  • Medical Imaging Systems

  • Radar Systems

  • Industrial PCs

  • Factory Automation Systems

  • Geo-Imaging Devices

  • Smart Meters

  • RFID Readers

  • Video Conferencing Systems

  • In-Flight Entertainment Systems

  • Video Streaming Systems

  • Electronic Voting Systems

  • Voice Messaging Systems

  • Security Systems

Embedded systems typically have attributes that make them quite different from desktop applications:

  • Their functions are fixed at the factory; they are dedicated, not general purpose. Their workload is predictable.

  • They use custom hardware (sensors and actuators).

  • They are carefully optimized in multiple dimensions to use the least computational resources that will meet requirements.

  • They do not tolerate malfunction. Usually, an embedded system cannot be fixed after it is deployed.

  • With few resources, special purpose hardware, and high demand for correct operation on day one, they are hard to develop software for.

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