Internship in Embedded Systems

Embedded System Internships in Chennai

Internship in Embedded Systems

Location: Chennai

Internship Domain:
Embedded System Designing

4 weeks to 8 weeks

Starting From:
08 Jun 2018

Application Till:
18 Sep 2018

  • Part Time
  • Summer Internship

Intern in Embedded System Design and Build Your Own Microcontroller Kit.

Embedded systems are finding a wide range of use in the current high demand concept of smart electronics and connected devices. Various sectors such as Healthcare, defense, aerospace, and telecommunications are the industries where the use of embedded systems is bringing about a sea of changes for the betterment. The cumulative growth in demand for embedded systems through all these application industries is expected to be a high impact driver for its global market and all its players.

Internship @ KNOWX (

    You will learn about different types of micro controllers, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit. Learn about the clocking, timing etc. Try to understand properly different communication protocols SPI, I2C, UART etc.
    By doing intern in KNOWX you are able to clearly tell the difference between different types of controllers and you will be able to decide which one to use for a particular situation.

    Learn about the Analog to Digital (ADC) conversion, their types e.g. SAR, delta-sigma etc.

    Keep in mind most of them are eclipse based so in case you will know how to use one it will not take you much time to learn how to use the other IDE.

    You will learn how to read the datasheet of the particular device you are using. I think this is one of the most important advice konwx can give you.

    If you will learn once properly how to do that, transferring to any new device/micro controller will be very very easy.

    You will be able to know how to find the right register of the micro controller and how to use it.

      Industrial Tools

      • Editor. The first tool you need for Embedded Systems Software Development Tools is text editor.
      • Compiler. The second among Embedded Systems Software Development Tools is a compiler.
      • Assembler.
      • Debugger.
      • Linker.
      • Libraries.
      • Simulator.

      Projects based on Real time industrial requirements:

  1. Propeller display of Time / Message.
  2. Vehicle Tracking By GPS – GSM.
  3. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights.
  4. Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations.
  5. Auto Power Supply Control from 4 Different Sources: Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter to Ensure No Break Power.
  6. RFID based Attendance Management system using 8051.
  7. Zigbee technology based Industrial Automation using ARM-7 microcontroller.
  8. Arduino based Health monitoring System.
  9. CAN protocol based DATA ACQUISITION system.
  10. GSM based motor control system using 8051.

Skills Acquired

  • In-depth knowledge
  • Become an all-arounder
  • You will learn internet-based technologies
  • Become familiar with the latest processors
  • Perfect your project management skills
  • Troubleshoot
  • Be creative

Job Scenario

  • Embedded System Firmware Engineer
  • Embedded System/hardware Design Engineer
  • Embedded System Engineer
  • Test Lead ( Automotive/Embedded Systems )
  • Embedded System Security Engineer
  • System Function Development Enginner
  • Sr. Software Engineer