Internship in Hadoop Bigdata Analytical tool for Mtech & MBA students

Internship in Chennai on Big Data

Internship in Hadoop Bigdata Analytical tool for Mtech & MBA students

Location: Chennai

Internship Domain:
Software Development

3 - 6 Months

Starting From:
13 Aug 2017

Application Till:
30 Sep 2017

  • Full Time

INTER In Bigdata/Hadoop And Have Value Added Certificate Before You Graduate.

Bigdata/Hadoop Is one of the most happening technology in today’s industry no matter starting from Manufacturing to E-commerce to Public Sector to Healthcare to Agriculture – is widely spread out in all these sectors. Big Data is fundamentally transforming the IT data landscape with its emerging data management approaches and technologies, and analytic technologies that support the business. The world of Big Data is changing every day with a severe amount of innovation going on around big data technology. A new technology is announced every day. Therefore, a new skill is peeping in the IT job market every day, opening up new opportunities for the skilled professionals.

Internship in KNOWX :

  • KNOWX shapes you how Big Data helps the organizations to create new growth opportunities and entirely new categories of companies that can combine and analyze industry data.
  • These companies have ample information about the products and services, buyers and suppliers, consumer preferences that can be captured and analyzed.
  • It also understands and optimizes business processes. Retailers can easily optimize their stock based on predictive models generated from the social media data, web search trends and weather forecasts.
  • Let our experts shape your career and guide you further on the major benefits of using Big Data outlined specifically around your business model

Industrial Tools :

Cloudera, MapReduce concept, JSON, HDFS, Pig, Hive, Hbase, NoSQL, Apache spark.

Projects based on Real time industrial requirements:

  1. Stock market data analysis using pig and NoSQl database.
  2. IPL data analysis. (best winning combination of a team)
  3. Exploring Geosocial Networks harvesting data from twitter, flicker that benefit to common citizens by providing recommended systems, transport safety, healthcare, etc., and to entrepreneurs for launching new products.
  4. Movie rating based on customer reviews.
  5. Sentiment analysis
  6. Efficient Analysis of Big Data Using Map Reduce for Location Based Service & Marketing Application.
  7. Many other real time based projects…

Skills Acquired

  • Data Structure & Algorithm
  • Java / python For Big data future
  • SQL will start working with huge data
  • Analytical & mathematical skills for datascience.

Job Scenario  Industries other than IT are also hiring the Big Data and Hadoop Professionals.  Experienced from different fields are switching their jobs into Big Data.  Good number of fresher’s are getting into the industry.