Internship in IOT (Internet of Things) for ECE Students

Internet of Things IOT Internships in Chennai

Internship in IOT (Internet of Things) for ECE Students

Location: Chennai

Internship Domain:
Embedded System Designing

4 weeks to 8 weeks

Starting From:
05 Jul 2018

Application Till:
20 Oct 2018

  • Full Time
  • Summer Internship

Intern in IoT A Trendy Technology of Industry

IoT ( Internet of things ) Todays’ technology storm of IT industry is sky-rocketing which has a potential impact on the way we work & our life style. IoT enables opportunities and connections to a myriad of applications ranging from the micro to the macro & from trivial to the critical many of which we can't even think of or fully understand the impact as of today. IoT transforming the Indian Job Market, according to analysis between 2014 and 2017, the demand for IoT talent has accelerated by 300%.

Internship @ KNOWX

  1. You will get a good exposure on the hardware designing of the application that sense the data from sensors and push the values to cloud.
  2. You will make use of public cloud i.e, amazon or create your own web services for controlling & monitoring of the application.
  3. Big data analytics for the data collected in cloud using python or Java
  4. As IoT becomes more complex and ubiquitous, AI artificial intelligence will be called upon to handle more tasks and make autonomous decisions.

Industrial Tools

  • Arduino, Raspberry pi, nodemcu and sensors
  • Cloud Services : Amazon, Thingspeak, ubdots
  • Programming Language: Python, Java, web services
  • Data Analytics using Tableau / Power BI / Machine Learning /AI.

Projects based on Real time industrial requirements:

  • IoT based vehicle tracking system and monitoring using android app / web application
    (using amazon IOT services)
  • Amazon IOT based Home automation system
  • IOT-Based Parking System for Smart Cities
  • IOT- based smart village
  • IoT based Health Monitoring and disease prediction using machine learning / bigdata analytics.

    Skills Acquired

    • Building an IoT system
    • Business Intelligence.
    • Information Security. ...
    • UI/UX Design. ...
    • Mobile Development. ...
    • Hardware Interfacing. ...
    • IP Networking. ...
    • Automation.

    Job Scenario

    The market is trending with jobs like

    • IoT Product Managers
    • Industrial Data Scientists
    • Industrial Engineer
    • IoT Architect