Internship in Chennai for Matlab

Matlab Internship in Chennai

Internship in Chennai for Matlab

Location: Chennai

Internship Domain:

4 weeks to 8 weeks

Starting From:
10 Jun 2018

Application Till:
15 Sep 2018

  • Part Time


MATLAB that is designed specifically for engineers and scientists which express matrix and array mathematics directly it also hold good for data analytics, signal and image processing, control design, and other applications. Matlab Toolboxes are designed to work together, and they integrate with parallel computing environments, GPUs, and C code generation. MATLAB is used in the medical device industry. It is used in the research phase of a project. It is highly convenient to use for data visualization and analysis in research studies and experiments.

Internship @ KNOWX

1. Perform simple to complex analyses with the use of a personal computer. Flexibility in a multi-managed working environment.
2. Strong oral and written skills.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills.
4. Strong facilitation and team skills.
5. Using verbal and written communication skills, to prepare and deliver presentations when required.

Industrial Tools

Matlab 2018, Matlab 2017, 2015…

Projects based on Real time industrial requirements :

  1. Advanced Bio Metric App Using Iris Recognition System
  2. Smart Attendance Bio Metric System Using Webcam
  3. Smart System For Sat Lite Image Enhancement Using Dwt_Swt
  4. Advanced Image Steganography System Using Mosaic Image Reversible Color Transformation System
  5. A High Quality Biomedical System For Detection And Classification Of Glaucoma

    Skills Acquired

    1. Matlab for image processing applicable for real time projects such as attendance system based on face recognition, very much applicable & used in medical field
    2. Matlab for communication for LTE n/w , Cognitive networks and 5G networks.
    3. Matlab for analog and digital design skills for electrical domain.
    4. Matlab provides functions and apps to analyze, preprocess, and extract features from uniformly and no uniformly sampled signals analysis tasks.

    Job Scenario

    Matlab in different domains of engineering. ... Mechanical engineers need MATLAB® for scrutiny of problems in control systems, mechanical vibrations, basic engineering mechanics, electrical circuits, statics and dynamics and numerical methods.

    1. Matlab programmers
    2. Scientists
    3. Re-searchers.