Internship in VLSI / Cadence for Mtech & BE ECE Students

Internship in VLSI / Cadence for Mtech & BE ECE Students

Location: Chennai

Internship Domain:
Embedded System Designing

3 - 6 Months

Starting From:
15 Jun 2018

Application Till:
13 Sep 2018

  • Part Time
  • Summer Internship

(Cadence / Verilog)

The historical growth of IC computing power has profoundly changed the way we create, process, communicate, and store information. In today's digital life it is very much important that VLSI system is the basis of all the micro chips and other integrated circuits we are using today. The satellites which are working for the ease of human life such as the mobile transactions digital payments social media, social networking almost everything is electronics and are dependent on VLSI

Internship in KNOWX :

  • This excellent practical environment will allow interns to interact with development teams easily and gain exponential learning to acquire new skills.
  • Will be able to work on EDA tool chains like Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and also on various latest FPGA devices from Xilinx and Altera.
  • FPGA Emulation & Prototyping.
  • Perform schematic design using engineering principles and advanced math concepts
  • Create engineering documentation

Industrial Tools:

  • Altera, Cadence, Xilinx
  • C, Verilog, VHDL
  • CAD tool

Projects based on Real time industrial requirements:

  1. schmitt trigger design using finfet and cmos technique using 180 nm technology.
  2. 4-bit Flash adc design in cadence 180 nm technology.
  3. ALU design using folded tree and clock gating technique.
  4. Gaussian filter implementation in image processing using Approximate multiplier.
  5. Address generation in wimax protocol using interleaving and deinterweaving technique.

      Skills Acquired

      • Designing of IC
      • Programming using Verilog & simulating on Xilinx
      • Performance evaluation,
      • Layout Designing.
      • Will have a Hardware exposure towards ZYNQ board.

          Job Scenario

          VLSI Design engineer Verification Engineer