M.Tech Internships in Chennai for wireless sensor network

Internship in Chennai on wireless sensor network

M.Tech Internships in Chennai for wireless sensor network

Location: Chennai

Internship Domain:
Software Development

4 weeks to 8 weeks

Starting From:
20 Jun 2018

Application Till:
30 Sep 2018

  • Full Time
  • Summer Internship

INTERNHIP in WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks ) and VANETS

A sensor that monitors the environmental conditions like pressure, heat etc. It detects the input through wireless links and generates the signal as an output which transmits to a controller. You should know how to deal with O.S, hardware and software w.r.t network sensor. The skills set acquired – Embedded systems, Power-saving technique, wireless coverage, time synchronization, web app, network simulation and databases. The tool TCL/TK is used and in the protocol – C++. key applications in numerously varied military projects, effort tracking, effort management systems, Telecommunication

Internship @ KNOWX ( www.knowxindia.com )

  • You will be learning how to create WSN applications for areas including health care, utilities, and remote monitoring.
  • You will learn how wireless devices make less invasive patient monitoring and health care possible.
  • For utilities such as the electricity grid, streetlights, and water municipals, wireless sensors offer a lower-cost method for collecting system health data to reduce energy usage and better manage resources.

KNOWX teaches you how remote monitoring covers a wide range of applications where wireless systems can complement wired systems by reducing wiring costs and allowing new types of measurement applications.
Remote monitoring applications include:

  • Environmental monitoring of air, water, and soil
  • Structural monitoring for buildings and bridges
  • Industrial machine monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Asset tracking
    You will learn how researchers are using wireless measurements to monitor carbon transfer in rain forests by reading the case study

    Industrial Tools

    • OMNET++
    • NETSIM
    • OPNET.

    Projects based on Real time industrial requirements :

    1. Achieving High-Performance Cellular Data Services : Improving LTE
    2. Improvement of UHF , RFID Safety and Security : Securing a data while transmitting
    3. Cooperative Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio Networks : Improving multi path channel
    4. Resource Scheduling Approach to Improve the Reliability : TDMA protocol to allocate optimal time slots
    5. Collision-Free Anycast Transmission Scheduling : The DBR protocol uses deliver data packets to the sinks

Skills Acquired

  • Creating the nodes and designing done in TCL/TK code.
  • For Protocol implementation using C++ in NS2/NS3.
  • File processing to get data.
  • Graphical output (nam window).
  • Analysing the data(plotting graph).
  • Both NS2/NS3(TCL/TK & C++).

Job Scenario

The market is trending with the network jobs like network security / technician / system / infrastructure / analyst / signal processing / administrator engineer.