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We do IEEE, Springer, Elsevier paper implementation

Includes Enhancements, Modifications, Reference papers

Providing Plagiarised Report (Done by Technical Writer)

Writing paper for publication (Done by Technical Writer)

Classroom sessions with hands-on to the project

Online training facility through Teamviewer & Skype

M.Tech Project Works

As we all know mtech report writing is one of the challenging task as it has to be uniquely presented and should not be copy paste of already existing journals, papers or conferences. VTU University has set guidelines in preparing the report which has to clear the plagiarism check before the externals are conducted. The guidelines for project report format is available on VTU website and most of the autonomous colleges also follow the same guidelines as per the VTU norms. Asicstron has a team of technical writer who spend much time working on new manuals to help you enhance your writing skills and guide you how to prepare project report what it should include and what can be detached before submitting to the plagiarism check or forwarding to VTU.

Report writing / Mtech thesis works

At Asictron we have technical writers who assist you in writing the report for the final year Mtech project which has to clear the plagiarism check. Report will be done according to the VTU standard format in all the areas and domains. Students doing project at Asictron will get a rough copy of the document and get the guidelines for doing the report from our technical writers. Those who already have project can take assistance in report writing by giving the necessary document, results of the project executed.

We assist you in Mtech thesis writing for computer science students in the areas of Datamining, Bigdata, cloud computing, WSN and networking.

We also assist in M.Tech thesis writing for Embedded, VLSI design, Matlab and NS2.

Mtech Paper Publication / Dissertation

Today’s scenario Paper publication in any of the journals or conferences or paper presentation in conferences has become mandatory for completing Mtech course. We assist you in writing paper which can either be published in international journals / conferences or also in free publications according to the student requirement based on the domain chosen for the final year project. Dissertation or paper publication made up of original insights and collected knowledge that have been accumulated throughout your studies. Analyses results has to be graphically represented by giving the comparison of existing , proposed and the enhancement work done.

Thesis / Dissertation Work

We work for thesis writing and dissertation for Ph.d students in the following domains.

Wireless Sensor Networks


Data Mining

Big Data

Image Processing


This includes problem definition, methodology, implementation, 3 dissertation work and thesis for the implementation work.

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