MINI Projects

Embedded MINI Projects

MINI Projects

Mini project for pre final year Engineering and M.Tech students.

Embedded System Mini Projects

  1. Home automation project using ARDUINO-
  2. Arduino Solar Tracker using LDR and Servo Motor
  3. ARDUINO Robotic ARM-
  4. Heart Beat Monitoring over Internet using Arduino and ThingSpeak
  5. Smoke Detector using MQ2 Gas Sensor and Arduino
  6. IOT Based Dumpster Monitoring using Arduino & ESP8266
  7. Door Alarm using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor
  8. Call and Message using Arduino and GSM Module
  9. Live Temperature and Humidity Monitoring over Internet using Arduino and ThingSpeak
  10. Remote Controlled Robot Using Arduino
  11. Arduino Traffic Light Controller
  12. Wireless Security Camera with the Arduino
  13. Arduino Door Lock Using 4×4 Keypad and Servo Motor
  14. Automated garden monitoring using NODEMCU
  15. A Cloud Network-based Power Management.docx
  16. IOT based Automated Parking system
  17. Automatic Ration Material Distributions Based on GSM and RFID Technology
  18. IOT based water quality monitoring system
  19. Smart parking system basd on IOT technologies
  20. Water level monitoring for alerting population about floods.
  21. IOT based environmental monitoring system
  22. IOT based airport car parking system
  23. IOT based smart city using NodeMCU.
  24. Advanced Traffic Management System
  25. Automatic traffic information system
  26. Electronic toll collection system using RFID.
  27. Intelligent Transport Systems
  28. Home automation and security through smart phone.
  29. DTMF based doorlocking system.
  30. Earthquake rescue operation.
  31. Gas leakage detection using GSM technology.
  32. Employee information system based on RFID and Android using ARM7.
  33. IOT based smart street light solutions for SMART CITIES.
  34. Driving Parameters Analysis System
  35. Healthcare System for Elderly People
  36. An Arduino/ARM7 Based System Provided with GPS/GPRS  Shield for Real Time Monitoring of Traffic Flows
  37. Voice based wheel chair control.

Matlab Mini Projects

  1. Evaluation of rice grains by Image processing
  2. Cerebrum(Brain) Segmentation utilizing Fuzzy C means clustering to detect tumor Region
  3. Combination(fusion) of Multi focus Images to improve Image Information
  4. Multi layer data covering up - a mix of steganography and visual cryptograph
  5. Best  Evaluation of Rice Grains Using Morphological Methods
  6. Thumb print(mark) Compression Based on Sparse Representation
  7. Pic Words: Render a Picture by collecting Keywords
  8. A discernment based shading picture versatile watermarking plan in YCbCr space.
  9. Strong Watermarking by SVD of Watermark Embedded in DKT-DCT and DCT Wavelet Column Transform of Host Image
  10. Study and Analysis of Robust DWT-SVD Domain Based Digital Image Watermarking Technique Using MATLAB
  11. Chaos Communication System utilizing MIMO Technique
  12. A Study on Inter-Cell Subcarrier Collisions because of Random Access in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Networks
  13. SHARP: Spectrum Harvesting with ARQ Retransmission and Probing in Cognitive Radio
  14. Energy Efficient Network Beam forming Design utilizing Power-Normalized SNR
  15. Remote Information and Power Transfer in Multiuser OFDM Systems
  16. Framework Capacity Improvement by On Request Channel Allocation in L TE Cellular Network
  17. Asset Allocation in Hybrid Access Control Femtocell Network Targeting Inter-cell Interference Reduction
  18. BER examination of traditional and wavelet based OFDM in LTE utilizing diverse adjustment methods
  19. A Novel discovery calculation for execution investigation of MIMO-OFDM frameworks utilizing equalizer over a Rayleigh blurring station
  20. Downlink Resource Allocation for Next Generation Wireless Networks with Inter-Cell Interference
  21. Square Diagonalization Precoding in a Multiuser Multicell MIMO System: Competition and Coordination

Java Mini Projects

  1. An effective manet moment design in wireless communication(networking)
  2. Smart way of data broad casting in mobile adhoc networks (networking).
  3. Server based data communication in WSN(networking)
  4. Smart redeployment in 3ways of failure cases of channels(networking)
  5. An Effective Re Deployment of Cooperative Network(S) to Transmit in      Incremental Clusters Approach
  6. An innovative model approach to prevent malformed pro sql tuples in general     DB model(database security)
  7. Analisys on k-means clustering on thyroid decease(data mining)
  8. Fuzzy c-means clustering with large medical datasets(data mining)
  9. Smart way of finding K-nearest neighbour on medical datasets(data mining)
  10. An a new approach to create decision tree with large dataset(data mining)
  11. Unique TCP approach wrt fountain as asynchronous and modulated data in secured transmission with CMM.

NS2 Mini Projects

  1. Industrial Control Applications  protocol Using

Wireless Sensor Networks

  1. Efficient Data Aggregation & grouping (GCEDA) in Wireless Sensor Network
  2. Energy Efficient Routing with novel clustering algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
  3. Reduced energy consuming  Routing Protocol for Wireless Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
  4. Centralized Clustering with overlapped scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks
  5. Routing Enhancement with reliability for Wireless Sensor Networks
  6. Round Trip Delay and Paths in WSNs for failure node detection
  7. Preventing False Data Injection Attack Based on RSA Algorithm for in WSN
  8. Mitigation ofWSN Security Attacks using multipath routing
  10. Prevention Of Misdirection Attack In Wireless Sensor Network
  11. Data Aggregation Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
  12. Multilevel Data Aggregation Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks
  13. Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks with Secured Clustering.
  14. Achieving Efficient Flooding by Utilizing Link Correlation in WSN
  15. Clustering with QOS Approach for localized clustered based wireless sensor network.
  16. Energy efficient reliable routing approach  in Mobile WSN.
  17. Secured Power Efficient  Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks