Robotics Projects (ECE)

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Robotics Projects (ECE)

2018/2019 IEEE robotics projects list based on embedded system for mtech / MS / be / btech / mca / students in chennai. We follow complete 2018 IEEE guidelines in every robotics projects for engineering students to deliver sucessfull robotics project every time. CITL have special focus on freshness of robotics projects for students of every branch weather engineering or computer application. For us every student brings opportunity, something to learn and developed what you want. If you don't have your own idea you can choose form our new 2018 robotics projects for students or take idea from previous projects done by computer application and engineering students.Our approach and project steps are best designed for delivering simple robotics projects for engineering students at very cheap price. Choose from small, medium and large 2018-2019 IEEE projects based on robotics technology or bring your idea into reality. Our expert robotics teachers not only help to build your robotic project for final year exam but, make you undestand the every possible side of it.

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    1. Infrared Light tracing Robot (TV Remote controlled)
    2. Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer/Gyroscope based self-balancing robot
    3. Pick and place robot
    4. Live Human being detection wireless remote controlled Robot
    5. wireless room freshener spraying robot with video vision
    6. DTMF based humanless Robotic boat control for ocean research application
    7. Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control
    8. Voice operated Intelligent Fire extinguisher vehicle
    9. Radio Frequency (RF) Controlled Wireless Robot
    10. Radio Frequency based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it
    11. Infrared Light tracing Robot (TV Remote controlled)
    12. Mobile phone Bluetooth operated robot (works with any java enabled phone)
    13. Servo motor controlled wireless video camera control system
    14. Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot. Accelerometer is MEMS based 3-axis tilt sensor
    15. Touch Screen Controlled intelligent robot
    16. Voice operated robot with speaker identification technology
    17. Autonomous Robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection
    18. Zigbee controlled Boat with wireless video and voice transmission with night vision capability
    19. Embedded Micro controller based Robots for weather forecasting
    20. Land Mine Detectors with Automatic indication using GPS and GSM
    21. Embedded controller for traffic controls
    22. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with model
    23. Wireless AL Based Fire Fighting Robotics for Relief Operations (smoke/LDR/fireball
    24. Self Guided Advanced Robotic Wheel Chair for Emergency patient Transportation system for preset locations
    25. Remote controlled Flying Machine to fertilize fields and conduct aerial surveillances
    26. Embedded Micro controller based Nomad Robots for exploration Application
    27. Vision Guided Law enforcement LAND Rovers for military applications
    28. Mobile phone controlled alive human detector using robotics
    29. A Voice Command System for Autonomous Robots
    30. Embedded System based Cockpit White box automation
    31. Automated Vertical car parking System
    32. Two Axis Robotics With Artifical Intelligence (AI)
    33. Path Planning for Blind person using Ultrasonic
    34. Smart Wind Mill based power Generation System for Mobile Charging
    35. Finger Gesture Recognition using Flex sensors with Voice Output
    36. GPS and Digital Compassed based self navigating robot
    37. Automatic Valet car parking System using conveyors
    38. Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-isolation
    39. Two Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation
    40. PCB Drilling machine using Cartesian robot
    41. Flying Robot with Search & Rescue for an Accident area or Natural Disaster area
    42. Intelli mobile robot for multispecialty operations
    43. Electromagnetic magnetic Type Pick and place robot for material handling
    44. Fire Fighting Robotics with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and WAP
    45. Intelligent Tanker Robot for Security Operation in the protected / Affected Area with RF secured
    46. Fire Fighting Robotics with artifical intelligence
    47. Remote Guided Automatic warfare Gun Vehicle with Laser Target and Wireless Camera Monitoring system
    48. PC Controlled Wired Robot
    49. Wifi robot controlled from Android smart mobile phone
    50. PC Controlled Wireless Robot
    51. Wireless operated War field spying Robot with night vision wireless camera
    52. Wireless operated Fire extinguisher Robot with water jet spray
    53. Bomb displacing robot with wireless video camera controlled form PC/Laptop
    54. Voice Activated Multipurpose robots
    55. Programmable Surface Cleaning Robot using Blowers
    56. Ultrasonic based parking Guidance System
    57. Unmanned FLYING device for surveillance with RF Controller & Wireless camera
    58. Wireless Industrial Security Robot with Motion Detection (PIR SENSOR) System with PC INTERFACE
    60. Automatic Color Sensing Robot with wireless PC interface
    61. AI Based Image Capturing and transferring to PC/CCTV using Robot
    62. Tracking Sun's path for efficient use of solar Cell with Model
    63. Digital Compass and GPS based self navigating Robot
    64. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with WAP
    65. Railway pedestrian crossing between railway platform without staircase
    66. Wireless operated war field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mines
    67. Robot Controlled Wireless Audio-Video Streaming Camera
    68. Programmable Grass Shredding Robot
    69. Wireless Voice and image transmission robot for surveillance system
    70. Live Human detection and alerting Robot
    71. Voice controlled Electric Wheel Chair
    72. Obstacle detection robot with mechanical sensing switches
    73. Human-robot interface using robust speech recognition
    74. Visible light follower Robot
    75. Android mobile phone controlled bluetooth robot
    76. Advanced Robotic Pick and Place Arm and Hand System
    77. Line Follower Robot
    78. Computer controlled Pic and Place Robot (wired or wireless)
    79. Wall Follower Robot
    80. Speech controlled wireless elevator system
    81. Hardware Design for Pick and Place Robot
    82. Bomb detection Robot
    83. Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis robotics with AI
    84. Remote Controlled Land Rover
    85. Construction of flying Quad Rotor Chopper with Video camera surveillance system
    86. Smoke and LPG Gas detection robot with wireless control
    87. Speech recognition robot with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system
    88. Full Control of a Quadcopter
    89. Fire Analyzing Robot with Voice Feedback
    90. Color Sensor based pick and place robot
    91. Industrial Robot with Image monitoring Using CCTV
    92. Touch screen and Arm Based Robot Motion Control
    93. Development of an UAV for Search & Rescue Applications
    94. Design of an Intelligent Combat Robot for war fields
    95. Altitude estimation and control of a Quadrocopter
    96. IVRS Based Control of Three Axis Robot With Voice Feed back
    97. Wireless AL Based smart Mobile Robot for Materials handling or factory automation

    What is Robotics?

    Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science that deals with design, construction, operation, and application of robots (Machines that can be controlled by remote device or signal).

    Robotics technology can be applied where humans will face danger, or doing a task multiple times with 100% accuracy, that can makes decision on their own according to human behavior and instructions. A lot of today's robot is inspired by biological organism.

    The term "robotics" was first introduced in 1920 by  Czech. The word robot comes from the Slavic word robota, which means labour. 

    What is the main aspect/characteristics of a robot?

    1. All robots are formed of mechanical design that is designed to perform a perticular task or set of tasks.
    2. Robots have electrical components which power and control the machinery.
    3. All robots contain some level of computer programming code. A program is how a robot decides when or how to do something.

    Our previous batch of engineering students have made various practically useful robotic projects, some of their branches are:

    • Smart Home Robots
    • Mobile Operated Java Robotics Projects
    • Mobile Operated Android Robotics Projects
    • Under Water Research Robots
    • Mechanical Sensor simple robot projects
    • Motion Sensor simple robotics projects
    • Light Sensor simple robotics projects
    • Chemical/Metal Sensor Robots
    • Voice Controlled simple robot projects
    • PC Controlled simple robot projects
    • GPS Controlled Robotics projects

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